Here are links to a few websites in our lineage likely to be of interest. There are many great practitioners and sites, so this is by no means complete (and likely to grow 🙂).

St. Louis T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association

The St. Louis T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association is a non-profit with the mission of teaching and sharing Simplified Yang Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan for those in the St. Louis, Missouri area and beyond.

Tai Chi Berkeley

Tai Chi Berkeley is the Tai Chi school of Lenzie Williams, a senior student of Laoshi (Lǎoshī) Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo.

Long River Tai Chi Circle

Wolfe Lowenthal studied with Cheng Man-ch'ing in New York City for many years and is the author of three excellent books on Tai Chi in our style ("There are No Secrets", "Gateway to the Miraculous", and "Like a Long River") which provide extensive, accesible information on Tai Chi and make a great compliment to core texts by Professor and the Tai Chi Classics. He also has the excellent Taichi Thoughts Internet Journal, a monthly email newsletter.

Center States T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Center States T'ai Chi Ch'uan is the school of Kim Kanzelberger, a student of Laoshi (Lǎoshī) Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo and Tai Chi instructor since 1980.

Tai Chi KC

Tai Chi KC is the school of Andrew McCarl, a student of Kim Kanzelberger and instructor in our style. If you are looking for Tai Chi in the Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas area, reach out to him.

Great River Tai Chi Chuan

Great River Tai Chi Chuan is the Tai Chi school founded and directed by Barbara Davis. The school, based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota offers clases in our lineage. Ms. Davis is the author of "The Taijiquan Classics: An Annotated Translation", another translation of the Tai Chi classics and a great companion to The Essence of T'ai Chi Ch'uan: The Literary Tradition; Annotated Edition.

To learn about Tai Chi, start with our introduction to Tai Chi. To learn more about our style, you can read about the lineage of the school. You may find answers to other questions in the Frequently Asked Questions. Or you can email us.